release notes — June 17, 2020

sqlc v1.4.0 released

This release includes a complete refactor of the compiler internals. The compiler now uses a database-agnostic SQL AST, which the PostgreSQL backend uses by default.

I’ve tested the new path extensively, but you still may run into bugs. If you do, you can use the old code path by setting the the following environment variable: SQLC_EXPERIMENTAL_PARSER=off. The old code path will be removed in v1.5.0, so please report any bugs you run into.

A new :execresult query command has been added. The generated methods will return (sql.Result, error), the same as DB.ExecContext.



  • Post the compiler to the new, database-agnostic SQL AST
  • Add support for dbmate migrations (#511)
  • Apply rename rules to enum constants (#523)
  • Add the :execresult query annotation (#542)


  • Support columns from subselect statements (#489)
  • Temporary fix for typecast function parameters (#530)
  • Support functions with table parameters (#541)
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