release notes — August 5, 2020

sqlc v1.5.0 released

The new MySQL engine, code-named Dolphin, has finally landed. To try it out, use mysql:beta for the engine value in sqlc.json. This uses the same compiler infrastructure as the PostgreSQL engine, giving it feature parity and making it easier to maintain.

The old engine is official deprecated and will be placed behind the mysql:deprecated name in v1.6.0. The engine will be completely removed in v1.7.0. For more information, see the MySQL roadmap.

On the PostgreSQL side of things, I’ve used some magic to generate function signatures for all built-in functions. This also includes many of the most popular PostgreSQL extensions. You will need to make sure to have CREATE EXTENSION ... in your schema to get this functionality.



  • Add option to return empty slices (instead of nil slices) in :many queries
  • Use “nullable” instead of “null” in configuration file (#571)
  • Add debugging support via SQLCDEBUG (#573)
  • Support calling functions with defaults (#635)


  • Add support for the money type (#552)
  • Add support for ‘cidr’ and ‘interval’ types (#601)
  • Generate all functions in pg_catalog (#550)


  • Add the mysql:beta engine, which will be the default next release
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