release notes — November 22, 2020

sqlc v1.6.0 released

The new MySQL engine, code-named Dolphin, is now default. The old engine has been removed. Your generated code will be different, but should be easy to adapt. Please open an issue if your code is now broken. If you were using the mysql:beta engine, you’ll need to change that to mysql.



  • Add option to return emit db tags for struct fields (#656)
  • Add support for variadic stored procedures and functions (#798)
  • Fix issue installing sqlc via go get (#744)
  • Add support for nontrivial import paths for overrides (#785)


  • You can now specify the go_type import path of an override using an object instead of a string.
  - db_type: "uuid"
      import: ""
      package: "null"
      type: "Bool"


  • Add function definitions for all built-in MySQL functions (#796)
  • Upgrade to the latest version of pingcap/parser (#744)
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