release notes — September 6, 2023

sqlc v1.21.0 released

We’ve just released sqlc version 1.21.0 which includes many bug fixes and a few new features, and coincidentally happens to be the first sqlc release built with Go 1.21. Read below for some highlights, or head straight to the sqlc changelog.

We’ll be at GopherCon 2023 in San Diego from September 24th through 26th. If you’ll be there too and want to say hi we’d love to chat with you! Please get in touch and let us know.

We’re about to reach 9000 GitHub stars, so thanks to all of you who’ve supported the sqlc project thus far and please continue to tell your friends and colleagues about the work we’re doing.

Here are some highlights from the just-released sqlc 1.21.0:

MySQL engine improvements

sqlc previously didn’t know how to parse a CALL statement when using the MySQL engine, which meant it was impossible to use sqlc with stored procedures in MySQL databases.

Additionally, sqlc now supports IS [NOT] NULL in queries. And LIMIT and OFFSET clauses now work with UNION.

SQLite engine improvements

GitHub user @orisano continues to bring bugfixes and improvements to sqlc’s SQLite engine. See the “Changes” section below for the full list.

Plugin access to environment variables

If you’re authoring a sqlc plugin, you can now configure sqlc to pass your plugin the values of specific environment variables.

For example, if your plugin needs the PATH environment variable, add PATH to the env list in the plugins collection.

version: '2'
- schema: schema.sql
  queries: query.sql
  engine: postgresql
  - out: gen
    plugin: test
- name: test
  - PATH
    sha256: 138220eae508d4b65a5a8cea555edd155eb2290daf576b7a8b96949acfeb3790


The full list of changes is in the sqlc changelog.

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