news — November 16, 2023

sqlc news, November 2023

Just a quick update this month as we head into the holiday season!

TypeScript plugin alpha

We’re excited to have an early alpha version of our TypeScript plugin available for testing. You can see example output and follow along with developments on the TypeScript support GitHub issue, or configure sqlc to use the plugin and let us know how it goes.

sqlc v1.23.0 release

The end of October saw the release of sqlc version 1.23.0 which includes a new database-backed query analysis engine. This resolved nearly 100 outstanding issues in the sqlc backlog, including many of our most thorny bugs. Go read the blog post with release notes for v1.23.0, in case you missed it.

sqlc-gen-go release

In other plugin-related news, earlier this month we announced the release of sqlc-gen-go, sqlc’s internal Go codegen package extracted for use as an external plugin. We’re excited to see how sqlc users fork and modify the plugin for use in their own projects.

MySQL 8 ephemeral databases

And finally, we’ve enabled MySQL 8 support for managed databases in sqlc cloud. Which means you’ll be able to use an ephemeral MySQL database for sqlc vet and sqlc createdb in the next sqlc release. Sign up for sqlc cloud and select “MySQL” when you boot your database server to get started.

That’s all for now! As always if you have questions or comments you can reach us on Discord, @sqlcdev on X/Twitter, on BlueSky, or by email at

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